The Top List for Physician Scheduling Software


If you’re looking for the best appointment software for your medical profession, you don’t need to dig any deeper through the internet – here are the top six websites that can provide you with the best appointment scheduling solutions. is an online appointment portal that directly pinpoints the healthcare market, with an emphasis on European medical professionals. The service is free, and makes money through ads on the portal, optional paid features like SMS reminders, and an optional, ad-free premium version.

apointmentseasy is available to health professionals, medical secretaries and patients for the management and optimization of appointments in the medical practice. It boasts of its simple search module through a 24h service, where patients can easily find their medical appointments at any time of the day. It allows doctors, practitioners, ophthalmologists, dentists, veterinary physicians and other medical and paramedical practitioners, as well as medical secretaries, to reduce the necessity of endless phone calls through its online platform. This gives the practitioners more room to focus on the management of the clinic without losing control on their agenda.

Then again, the User Interface (UI) may not be as slick as other physician appointment websites, and the focus on the European medical market may limit functionalities for professionals outside the continent.

However, in spite of its downside, the fact that this system was built with doctors in mind means it includes features that more general scheduling suites do not.  This ranges from the ability for patients to select their health insurance provider when making an appointment, to a management tool for medical office secretaries. is clearly a great Physician Scheduling Software especially when it comes to its professional mix of functionality and aesthetics. Their website is easy to navigate, and the simplicity of the UI is something that anyone can appreciate.

One of the two main focuses of Intrigma is to enable clinicians to focus on patients. Intrigma’s core value is helping medical professionals achieve a better work-life balance so that they can better focus on their patients.

We view clinicians as the front line and most critical resource in health care delivery.”


Another one of their mantras is “Obsession with Quality”. It is Intrigma’s belief that software in the medical field exists to serve clinicians and administrative staff. “We are quite alarmed at how often this is overlooked and healthcare staff are slowed down by technology. Our products have a unique balance of ease of use with sophisticated functionality. When this is achieved the clinicians can better focus on their patients.”

Intrigma boasts of their fast and organized collection of requests online, where medical providers submit their requests for each schedule online, allowing the scheduler to track and prioritize requests in one location as the schedule is built. Also, they have a “Centralized Scheduling” feature which allows users to manage schedules, requests, and provider contact information for multiple departments and/or hospitals within one system without having to switch back and forth between several paper copies of each.

Overall, Intrigma is one of the physical scheduling softwares that’s ahead of its time when it comes to technology.


Appointy is rather one of the more popular appointments scheduling tool on the market. it works on a plethora of different operating systems, and their services can be tendered through native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8.  The free version is ad-supported, and feature-limited, while paid plans start at $9.99 a month.


The main thing that made Appointy so famous is that they established a platform that can reach through almost anyone, such as providing access through Facebook, Blogs and even those without a website. Appointy can create a ‘tab’ in your Facebook page allowing customers to schedule their next appointment. Facebook visitors are 3x more likely to book their next appointment with you, because of the ease of scheduling.

You can also start accepting appointments on your website, since the Appointy website widget seamlessly integrates with your existing website. Plus, even if you don’t have your own website, Appointy provides a unique sub-domain that you can use to create your own booking page – for free!

The only downside with Appointy is that it could be costly for the uninitiated. The free option is fairly feature-limited, and doesn’t have recurring bookings, separate staff logins, or unrestricted Google Calendar linking.  Then again, the free version does include unlimited bookings, a mobile version, and SMS reminders.


ClickBook is the solution that fully automates the menial tasks associated with managing customer appointments, and increases customer engagement through real-time, self-service booking and automated text and email reminders. By blending flexibility and functionality plus simple design, ClickBook fits perfectly into an extremely broad spectrum of businesses – including salons, home services, sports facilities, schools & universities, government services and even wellness professionals involved in the provision of appointment-based services.


ClickBook aims at the smaller-scale end of the market when it comes to appointment provision. It is free for one user and one physical address, and 50 or fewer current bookings. The free version, however, is supported by ads while paid plans start at $19.95 a month.

ClickBook is also one of the easiest to use, since its calendar-themed design gives you a lot of information even at first sight. Unfortunately the free version of ClickBook is limited to only one user. However, it does include free access to recurring appointments, email appointment reminders, and ‘smart scheduling’ that can coordinate with provider schedules. is designed by doctors, for doctors. This free online scheduling service is a collaboration of developers and medical practitioners. The professional merger’s purpose is to create a tool that can deliver exactly what a Physician Scheduling Software should be able to address.

Doctors don’t have to suffer because of our distractions and carelessness,” as says. With this website, you now have exactly the right tool to make sure that appointments are done seamlessly. Inputs to this website are automatically translated by the software into an appointment, which eventually provides a calendar – through computers, mobile devices or Web applications – and synchronized anywhere and anytime you need it.


Surely, you can still call your patients the old-fashioned way; but DocMeIn believes that they can help medical practitioners by having the website do the scheduling for them automatically with their superb text-to-speech and telephony technologies. You can even have DocMeIn send a reminder in the form of a text message to a patient’s mobile phone. Then again, in this fast-paced age, your busiest patients would still appreciate free email or mobile reminders so that they won’t miss any appointment.

Finally, DocMeIn allows unlimited patients, reminders, appointments, and recalls. Right now the whole service is totally free, but DocMeIn does plan to add premium features like text reminders, on a pay-as-you-go model.

With its free online appointment scheduler that can be added to your existing website, can manage internal scheduling with its user-friendly system and innovative scheduling process. Sagenda targets a range of businesses, including medical practices, chiropractors, and naturopaths.  The software is totally free, without even an upgrade option to a paid version, as Sagenda makes money though providing custom options to large, enterprise clients.


Sagenda boasts of its aesthetics and commitment to ease of use when it comes to their UI: they don’t have Ads and web banners on their website, their online booking tool is 100% responsive and can be accessed through a smartphone. Furthermore, they don’t spam your emails, and Sagenda is totally embeddable on leading websites such as WordPress, iWeb, and many other hosting and cms providers.

Sagenda is simple and clean, and integrates easily as a plugin into WordPress and iWeb websites.  It includes email notifications and patient self-service.