Unique Exercise Programs You Need to Try Right Now

Have you ever felt tired of doing the same old workout over and over? Has it become so monotonous that it seems more tiring than body pumping? You are not alone with these kinds of sentiments over the same old exercise programs out there. In fact, a large number of gym goers tend to feel unhappy at a certain period of time due to various reasons.

man doing squats

Going to the gym on a daily basis can be tedious and boring once you reach a certain point wherein you have already gained the mastery of practically all the equipment in the gym or seem to have your progress stalled. Obviously there are lots of benefits when you regularly go to the gym. With this in mind, you can still find an exciting workout while keeping your body well worked out.

A plethora of exercise alternatives can give your mind the appeal it needs to reach your much desired progress. At the gym, you can start by getting eccentric with weights.  Exercises like the barbell hip thrust, which strengthens your glutes and backside, can be a good start. You can also opt for zercher squats which place weights on your elbows while squatting up and down, making your legs and abs stronger. Add in the best energy boosters for working out and expect a rejuvenated drive for grinding it in the gym.

However, if you want to really get out of your normal routine, there are more workout programs that you can participate in to eliminate the dull feel. Here are some of these creatively fun and effective programs that you can do.

A Heavenly Body with Lightsaber Workout

The legendary movie series just got hyped up to the next level. For gym rats who are fans of this saga, it’s the best of both worlds. The StarWars-Themed workout program is one of the new and exciting ways to get fit while enjoying the intergalactic vibe. The workout incorporates martial arts, calisthenics, and bodyweight moves that surely will get you exhilarated.

lightsaber workout

The workout consists of a warmup, three intense circuits of four exercises (completed AMRAP for time), and a cooldown. Besides a lightsaber, the only thing you need is a pair of gliding discs. After performing each circuit, you are then instructed to rest for 60 seconds by focusing on your breathing and restoring your energy.

With this exercise routine, Instructors always remind you to make sure you maintain proper form. Although this sounds like a complete program in itself, you still gain better results if you add this workout to your routine. The promise is that your endurance and total-body strength become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

If you are up for other types of martial arts workout program, then you can also opt for the Forza. A core workout based on samurai swordship, Forza doesn’t require actual blades. Rather, you can use a broomstick or wiffle ball bat to mimic a katana blade and activate your core and shoulder muscles in a new way, burning calories and increasing endurance.

forza workout

There are three basic movements in the Forza class: half-cuts which is chopping the sword from overhead so that the tip is level with your neck; full-cuts, where the tip of the sword lands at the navel; and diagonal cuts coming over either shoulder. They sound basic, but precision is crucial in every routine. You would be surprised to see how difficult it can be to master the motion. Plus, you hold on to the sword for the entirety of the session, meaning you get no break or change to reposition as you progress through the program moves.

Surfing Workouts can give you the Curves

It wouldn’t be hard to figure out why surfers rock those tanned 6-packs. The logic is basic – you get to use your core frequently, and you get to build its strength more. That is why experts came up with workouts that can shape your figure like a surfer, without the actual waves. Surfer Workouts have become a popular trend in 2010, incorporating yoga to put the cherry on top of the routine.

surfing workout

One of the established gyms for such workout program is Paddle Into Fitness. Owned by professional stand-up paddleboarder Gillian Gibree, Paddle Into Fitness began offering stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga classes in 2009 in the San Diego Bay. You do a dynamic warm-up on the beach before heading to the water for a variety of cardio drills and bodyweight training on the board.

Bonus: The instability of the board takes the intensity of any move up a notch. If you thought triangle pose or single-leg training is a challenge on the gym floor, try doing it on a paddleboard. After a few sessions, you’d see major gains in coordination, endurance, and overall strength.

Another development center for this kind of program is SurfSet Toronto, which offers training on boards that are done comfortably indoors and much more challenging. For one, the board is not stable – it’s balanced on three stability balls. Your body goes into tremendous physical strain as it works the supporting muscles groups right away, as well as your major muscle groups which allows you get that leaner look after.

Slash off the Pounds with Pound Drumming

A study conducted by the Universities of Gloucestershire and Chichester has concluded that drumming is an equivalent workout to playing in a Premier League football match. This study is based on the findings that a drummer and a football player sustained similar heart rates throughout a 90 minute period.  The important fact to take away from this is that individuals with differing levels of fitness can benefit equally from different intensities of activity.

For example, an unfit person may gain the same benefit from 30 minutes of walking as a fit individual would get from 30 minutes of jogging.  The fitter your body gets, the more you have to do to challenge it and to gain the benefits from exercise.

pound drumming

Therefore the fact that the drummer’s heart rate is the same (averaging 140-150 BPM over 90 minutes) as the footballer’s shows that drumming is as challenging to the body as the game of football is to the footballer. Despite initial appearances, drumming isn’t just about using your arms.  If you watch a professional drummer at work, you’d see that the whole body is working to produce the beat; even his/her feet are pumping to work the foot pedals.

POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining easy-to-follow cardio moves with strength training and drumming. The workout fuses Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and yoga-based poses into a 45-minute series. Burn up to 600 calories, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique, all while rocking out to your favourite music.

The study shows that you don’t have to play premier league football to achieve the benefits of exercise. Take a look at drumming as an example; drumming can be a good exercise if played at a high level of intensity for a prolonged period of time.

This type of activity also requires a high level of exertion to generate continual vigorous movement, not to mention a certain level of accuracy and coordination that professional musicians are gifted with.  This is why experts in exercise and workouts made a way to cross the two seemingly unrelated things together.