About Us
Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing has provided over 120,000 residents and fellows, 80,000 practicing physicians, and 35,000 PharmDs with its comprehensive board review manuals since 1999.

CCGMP manuals are edited by a corps of internationally-renowned experts in the 14 medical specialties, and over 600 MDs and MD/PhDs contribute the almost 10,000 pages of content. Each manual contains hundreds of tables, figures, and review questions and answers.

CCGMP also develops and publishes essential daily reference guides in oncology, psychiatry and aviation medicine.

In 2012, CCGMP partnered with Amadeus Multimedia Technologies and is now marketing the Amadeus LMS (Learning Management System), with integrated video, audio, PowerPoint, and document content, much with CME credit, from some of America's most respected medical institutions. See www.amadeusmultimedia.com.

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