4 Ways Vet Research Saves People’s Lives

4 Ways Vet Research Saves People’s Lives

The world of medicine and health sciences is profoundly dominated by the fields which reveal a direct relation to human health and providing a cure for diseases. Without a doubt, these prevalent specialties offer a higher salary for professionals, which is a good reason most people are motivated to take on the aforementioned fortes especially during these hard economic times.

vet and dog

Specialties like orthopaedic surgery, cardiology, urology, and oncology are atop the ranks of the best paying medical fields. More and more medicine students are inclined to take up these lines of study primarily because of today’s demand for improved healthcare. With that said, less people are taking up professions that do not explicitly involve human health.

One of which is the field of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary medicine as most people know, is a field of medicine that deals with health care for animals, animal diseases, and their treatments. From what people understand, it is just a study that deals with animals and their welfare. This is actually an incorrect generalization of the noble discipline of veterinary.

Taking a deeper look into the science, what does animal medicine really have to do with human health? Here are some facts about how vets and vet research can actually save people’s lives.

They Investigate and Test New Medicines on Animals

Two words: lab rats.

Professionals often study new drugs through animals. This comes as no shock, considering the fact that drugs tested on humans may not only cause significant effects to the human body, but can lead to fatalities. It follows that ethical and moral issues on human rights would arise and create chaos in civilization.


That is why it is established that animals can be exploited for testing. Then again, who are the professionals who have knowledge about animal medicine? That’s right: vets.

Medical publishing and research about veterinary care has been a major pathway for professionals to inform the public about these academic explorations. These publications also help pave way for other researchers to improve their studies. In fact, veterinary research can further be stemmed to a number of related fields which provides another perspective to the wide array of which type of vet can focus their research on.

There lays a direct correlation regarding animal behavior under drugs and human behavior under drugs. For instance, vets can research how probiotics for dogs with diarrhea can be correlated with people with the same digestive issue. Furthermore, they can research on the associative link between animal treatment and overall human health. This is how researchers study how a healthy dog (as man’s best friend) affect the overall mental health of an owner.

With those facts at hand, the study of veterinary medicine proves to be an important facet towards human health.

Vets Provide Safety For Our Food Supply

It is imperative that a good balanced diet is a part of a person’s lifestyle. One of the significant parts of a balanced diet is having protein from chicken, pigs and cattle. This is the logic behind the importance of professionals who safeguard the care and health of farm animals.

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More often, veterinary experts are employed by national governments to act as food safety inspectors to test food supply for contamination and to check animal diseases (and treat them) before they are processed into food.

Simply put, vets make sure our food supply from farm animals are guaranteed safe to consume. With good reason, seeing the fact that unhealthy food can lead to an unhealthy person. Research provides that meat from stressed animals or ‘double dead’ meat can be a source of a wide array of diseases. Veterinarians attend to these issues on a large scale, even as far as a worldwide gauge to prevent any outbreaks of diseases.

Vets Cut Outbreaks To The Roots

In continuation with providing safety and research on animal pathology, there is deep connection of animals to pandemics that exist today.

Another thing to consider is the fact that most diseases are inflicted on animals first, and then later transferred to humans. Possibly fatal viruses like avian flu, West Nile virus, and even Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) are in fact derived from animals.  This makes it essential that professionals deduce what factors and circumstances allowed viruses to be developed. In addition, medically publishing these studies can help other researchers assimilate ideas in further explorations.

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These researches, which vets and affiliated fields perform, are vital to the field of medicine, since the first step towards any permanent solution to medical outbreaks is tracing the origin of the disease.

Vets Conduct Check Ups For Mother Earth

Animals provide a method to view how mother earth behaves. In fact, animals’ actions serve as symptoms for environmental health since fauna are the first ones to be inflicted with the effects of environmental changes. This comes as a logical approach for people to take a good look on earth’s wellbeing.

Veterinarians have made use of this logic and are actually monitoring wildlife. Evident in today’s scene, one way researchers validated climate change is by observing how animals migrate and how their health has declined because of it. Veterinary research and animal behavioral studies indicate that migration and overall health of animals provide proof that there are certain factors that can change their original biological niche.

This kind of environmental check-up is instrumental in providing a solution to the worsening issue of climate change. More so, it has provided a novel outlook with regard to how animals and the environment are directly linked.

The field of veterinary research tends to be snubbed in the field of medicine overall. This is because of the outstanding misconception that veterinary research only deals with the wellness and welfare of animals.

Come to think of it, people are animals. The main difference lies on humans’ capacity to think, and the capacity to be directed with that mental prowess. It is about time that people use that mental prowess to appreciate the wonders veterinary medicine can offer to them.

Veterinary research comes as an integral part of many medical findings. In pharmacy and pathology, drugs are initially tested on animals so that researchers can have a good look at what it can potentially do to a human being. Another important contribution of veterinary research is that it offers safety to the food supply which is vital to people’s lives.

With regard to diseases, vets are responsible for tracking down the root cause of viruses which are frequently of animal origin. Furthermore, the field also gives people another perspective on how mother earth is doing with all the tolls humans have given to her.

Overall, there is so much that veterinary research can offer. This is why people must start to recognize its noble discipline and the field of medicine to continue giving efforts to substantiate effective veterinary research. Furthermore, people who are inclined to the field of health sciences should be encouraged to take up this specialty given the countless things it can actually give to the overall knowledge of the human race.

After all, being a veterinary physician is as promising as it could get. Vet on that.

Issues Related To Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical record example
Example of an electronic medical record

Regardless of the growth related to computer technology and medicine, many of the medical encounters are still being documented using paper records. Electronic medical records have a number of documented advantages, yet the use of it is still relatively sparse.

The Purpose Behind Medical Records

The main goal of medical records is to serve as a source for clinical observations and patient analysis. Any records with an interaction with a patient will usually start off with the medical history of the patient and then a physical examination. The history generally contains the patient’s main complaint such as a skin rash or chest or stomach pain as well as any other pertinent symptoms to the main complaint. The physical exam will contain a list of the physical findings like enlarged lymph nodes or abdominal tenderness. This process is then followed by assessments that will adhere to the direct problem and then a plan for a diagnosis or treatment will be put into place.

Issues Surrounding Electronic Medical Records

Various issues have been recently identified with EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Many of these problems have been related to computer down-time, lack in standards, increase in provider time and threats related to patient confidentiality. A specific amount of studies conducted have suggested that electronic-order entries increase on the time doctors spend on entering these orders. In other studies it has been suggested that residents in hospitals needed around 44 minutes extra every day when utilizing computerized entries. This has however, resulted in the development of methods to streamline these order entries.

EMR Cartoon
A joke poking fun at EMR’s

Another real concern surrounding EMR systems would be computer down-time. This means that doctors may be faced with the threat of not being able to access the required information on a patient when it is needed. However, the increase related to computer reliability in computer systems is beginning to diminish these concerns.

A far more significant problem that is related to EMR systems is the lack-of-standards for interchanging information. Even though there are standards in place for aspects such as billing information, test results and diagnosis codes, there are no consensus in relation to the areas such as the symptoms and signs of the patient, procedure codes, test interpretations and radiology. The related issues to these standards are associated with a large amount of the clinical information that is “locked” in what is known as “narrative text.”

The last concern related to EMR systems is the issue surrounding patient confidentiality and security. However, this particular problem already exists and is independent from EMR due to the fact that much of the medical information that is abstracted from these paper records exists in the electronic repositories. A number of privacy experts have already documented threats on how this information is misused.

Patient confidentiality
Patient Confidentiality is an issue

While there are a few that fear that EMR can exacerbate these issues, many others have agreed that the computer-based records with the right amount of security aspects in place have the potential to be far more secure than paper based medical documents.